Industrial Fast-Turnaround Management

The world will be different after Corona, and analysts agreed that it will take several quarters to recover from the economic impacts. Even industries which are not affected much from the immediate measures to flatten the curve are suffering from indirect effects, e.g. slump of raw material prices, lower revenues, interrupted supply chains and unprecedented capital drain.

Some industries are facing long-term effects on their profitability (airlines, hospitality etc.), whereas others have to manage short-term losses and liquidity shortage only (retail, E-Commerce, medical sector, IT services etc.).


In order to secure business continuity, we will do a quick-scan assessment with potential analysis along the entire value chain. Based on the results we develop a roadmap of success and support the implementation of same:

Energy Efficiency using Artificial Intelligence

Our Energy Virtual Assistance     is analyzing influencing parameters, detecting real time drifts of baseline consumption and simulates optimal energy conditions using artificial intelligence in real time. Especially in high energy consuming industries, we are able to save 4-14% of the annual energy bill. Your return of investment is usually less than 6 months, real savings will be effective within the first year.


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